It looks like a new Sonic Racing game is potentially on the way

Remember Sonic & All Stars: Racing Transformed? I do. It was quality, and far from a simple Mario Kart clone, offering a fun and inventive twist on the genre it could proudly call its own.

Well good news (maybe) as it looks like the developer of both previous Sonic Karting escapades Sumo Digital is currently making a new one.

Last week a user on the forum Resetera leaked internal slides from the company that mentions development has begun on an “unannounced karting game” based on an “established global IP”.

Then, just to throw more juicy fuel onto this tepid rumour fire, fan site reported that a representative for toy company Zappies announced that they were working on creating merchandise for a third Sonic Racing game, which would imply a new entry is indeed on the way.

As usual though, might be best to take all this with a heap of salt. Last week, a Sonic representative took to Twitter claiming these rumours to be false.

But hey, who knows. You’ve read this far so you must be interested. Let’s hope it’s real. Close your eyes and cross your fingers. Let’s pray for a nice blue miracle.

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